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  • Jackson, MS
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Telemarking
  • Orlando, FL
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  • Portland, OR
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  • Tampa, FL
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  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Burbank, CA
  • Portland, OR

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About Stonegate Technologies

Time vs money. This has been an ongoing debate for centuries in the human hunt for success. Nobody can deny that burning a dollar bill is a waste, yet when it comes to loosing time suddenly things become a bit grey.

We’ve all had experiences on both sides of the desk. Excited to sign a contract with a hopeful inventor or sitting alone in your stylish ergonomic desk chair starring at the wall feeling slightly irritated that you’ve been stood up.

I believe that both time and money have equal value. It is my goal to equip my trainees with the same self-taught scheduling techniques used at the Denver office that yielded numbers well over the company average for almost two decades.

We are committed to spending the time working and learning together, offering suggestions that could help teammates benefit from other schedulers, all with the same goal in mind: To provide a constant stream of qualified leads toward the doors of InventHelp offices for the sole purpose of meeting with hopeful inventors.


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